Interested in the World of learn Programming?

These 5 Easy Tips on How to Learn Programming
Have you ever wondered where an app came from? Or how to create an app? One way to create an application is with an activity called software development or software development.

Software development consists of various activities. Starting from the gathering needs (Requirement gathering), analysis and system design (System Design), Coding (Implementation), Testing (Testing), and Maintenance software (Maintenance). The cycle is known as the Waterfall Cycle.

Waterfall Cycle is an ever popular software development method, but now there are many more popular software development methods that is Agile. But for the overall activity is almost the same. Interested in the world of programming or you have even entered the study program of Informatics Engineering and SMK majoring in software engineering. Curious how easy to learn programming? Come peek tips!

1. Intention

If there is intention, there must be a way. That is the key to the success of all work, including programming. Maybe you are not a student of SMK RPL or a student of Informatics Engineering or Electrical Engineering. But if you do have the intention to learn programming, of course you can do it. So let’s grow the intention and learn programming.

2. Find a programming language that is easy but popular

There are many types of programming languages. If you are a student of SMK RPL or a student of Informatics Engineering and Electrical Engineering, of course you have been directed to use a particular programming language. Of course the programming language used is a popular programming language.

But what if you want to learn self-taught programming? Relax, you can browse what programming languages ​​are popular and widely used by many companies. After that you can find the programming tutorial and do not forget to download and install the programming tools. For example programming is widely used such as Java programming, PHP, C + + and others.

3. Join the group or community of programmers

If you have specified a particular programming language, you can search the group or programming community. Why? Because in the community of course you will meet with people who both learn the programming you have set. In addition, many of them may already have much experience with the programming language they use.

Well, if you have joined, you can actively ask if there is trouble. Joining a group or community is really effective for learning programming. You seem to get a mentor or asdos ready to help you. But remember, do not just ask in the group, you can first explore on the internet, after stuck no new answers ask in the group. Thus, you will not be considered spoiled and surely there will be someone who helps you.

4. Many practice coding

Do not expect learning programming just by reading and even memorizing program code. Both ways are the wrong way. Naturally the human brain will be difficult to memorize a program code. The human brain can only memorize the flow of programming logic alone.

Moreover, programming is the same as mathematics. If you just read it you will not understand. You need a lot of practice so you understand the case you’re facing. The more you practice the better will be to solve the problem of programming. In addition, if you are studying on the internet, do not go home to copy the program code, but read also the discussion. The discussion contains the logic flow of a programming. So if you find a similar case, you will not be confused again.

5. Improve your logic skills

Logic does have an important role in a programming. If you are weak in logic, it will certainly be difficult in learning programming. There are many ways of building logic. One of them is learning math. Learning mathematics is proven effective in building logic.

This is proven because in the course of Informatics Engineering, at the initial level of course they will meet the subject of the mathematics department. For example calculus, linear algebra, discrete mathematics, mathematical logic, and statistics. But this is one way of building logic. If you want to explore yourself, there are many ways to build logic.