Be Careful, It’s 4 Consequences Too addicted smartphone Often Look At HP Screen

Various brands of mobile phones have been created and circulated today, addicted smartphone ranging from cheap to the most expensive. From the usual features to the super-complete. Likewise with users, smartphone consumers not only among the elderly but now has penetrated among the children.

Smartphones are now a necessity of life that can not be separated. Wherever we go, usually the smartphone never missed, even when going to sleep once did not forget we check HP first. No one can limit themselves to using a smartphone except ourselves.

For those of us who start addicted to smartphones, then the eyes will always be fixed on the screen HP. In fact, this behavior can threaten the risk of eye damage is quite serious, especially with a very close distance. In addition to damage to the eyes, the following consequences may arise if too often staring at the HP screen.

1. Damaging the eyes

Normal human eyes have a period of time to blink or to stare at something. The eyes will blink longer while seeing the device from a closer range, this will make our eyes work so hard. When staring at the phone screen, then the light that is scattered from the phone screen is blue violet. This violet blue light is potentially damaging and poisoning the back of our eyes and causing degeneration ofmacular disorders, said Andy Hepworth, an ophthalmologist as quoted by the BBC. The disorder is one of the main causes of a person experiencing blindness. In addition, the light can interfere with sleep patterns and affect the mood of smartphone users.

The initial symptoms do not directly experience the need, because it takes time and stages. The first if too long staring at the phone screen, the eyes will feel hot, over time will come out the tears that have an impact on irritation and ultimately reduce the quality of vision. If we still allow it, it will end in blindness. For that, prevent before getting worse by reducing the use of smartphones in excess. And try not to look directly at mobile phone screen or laptop. Use glasses or the like so that the eye does not interact directly with the HP screen.

2. Productivity is reduced
Good users will take advantage of addicted smartphone as possible. Not only used as a communication tool, but also can support the productivity of its users in everyday life, such as receiving and replying to emails, browsing on the internet, create a written document, and so forth. Unlike the case when we only use smartphones for social media like Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram, and playing games. So you can be sure your productivity will be reduced because no longer have time to do other things more productive.

3. Damaging the brain
Maybe some of you so far still have not felt the real impact of addicted smartphone for the body. However, some studies say that mobile phone radiation can trigger the growth of brain tumors and insomnia diseases. This disease will not occur immediately, because it takes time and passes other symptoms first. Suppose that at the beginning we will feel nausea over time, the head began to hurt, and because it continues to be neglected and regarded as ordinary pain, finally after a new diagnosis we will be new regret. For that, be a good smarphone user.

4. Addiction of smartphones
Smartphones have many features that are very useful in everyday life. We can easily receive and reply to emails, chat, surf the internet, watch videos, listen to music, play games, or interact on social media. The ease of this allegedly can cause addiction so almost every minute we can check the phone whether there is a message to go or not.

Usually, almost the entire concentration of the mind will be on the smartphone screen regardless of the circumstances around. Worse yet, many people are using smartphones when driving a car or motorcycle, while crossing the road, or climbing an escalator that can pose a danger to the smartphone users themselves. It is this habit that over time will make someone addicted. Usually we will feel anxious when not holding the smartphone or when the battery is running out.