This is the reason why Android phones do not need to be rooted anymore

Maybe Gadgeteers is no stranger to his Android phones name root. The root process itself is to exploit the ability of the phone as much as possible so that the device can work without any barrier limits from the developer.

However, it is actually quite hongkong prize dangerous for the device and also for users. Only, it seems now that the term root is no longer a lot done by Android users, then what the heck the reason? Here we describes why we no longer need to root on Android again.

1. Storage Being Wide + Can Be Moved

In the past, one of the factors that caused a person to root against his Android device is because of very limited storage memory. He does root in hopes of removing innate applications from a system that is considered useless so as to make storage space a ‘somewhat’ vacant.

Even so, now Android Gadgeteers devices are getting more sophisticated and the average storage space becomes more widespread. Not only there, now the storage space can be expanded with the help of microSD card and pull it to some default storage device it can also manually without using root moved to the external memory.

2. Custom ROM Not Perfect

If you want to root for reasons of wanting to use custom ROM, it looks like Gadgeteers should think twice about it. The reason is not all custom ROM is really perfect and good for our Andorid device. Plus for the latest devices today, the existing ROM is enough to support everything and no longer need to be applied root. Even so for the Android device KitKat down, the root process is quite helpful because it can improve RAM performance and battery power saving. But Android operating system now already has all the features needed, for what do root?

3. Not Safe

Devices that are crawled like a gate that is unlocked. From there Gadgeteers can access all devices to the system. But of course it is also dangerous for the device because who is aware that there are just unwanted things infiltrated into the system and even make the Android Gadgeteers device is totally dead.

4. Not Even One Year

Staying persistent or insisting on rooting against his Android device? No problem, as long as make sure the Android device is out of warranty period. Well, usually the warranty period is given one year, if the device Gadgeteers not even menginjakan age of one year, you should undo the intention first. Unfortunately you know, because by applying the root process, the warranty will be removed by the manufacturer because it includes into the damage caused by the user. vidio bokep